How To Send Funds From Your Wirex Account

Wirex Limited is the platform for management of personal finance using blockchain technology Wirex issues plastic and virtual cards which can be filled up with both fiat and cryptographic currencies. Wirex charges commissions on fiat-to-fiat transfers that it says are lower than MasterCard and Visa; it says that for remittances the service is far cheaper than incumbents like Western Union, which doesn't move physical cash across borders and so needs to maintain cash reserves in every country it serves.
The wallets let you buy, store, or manage both crypto and fiat. The card can be funded with cryptocurrency in-app and exchanges can be made between fiat and cryptocurrency in the app also. Wirex is a user-friendly debit Wirex payment card. The Wirex prepaid card will allow American consumers to instantly convert their Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum or Litecoin and spend in: stores, bars and restaurants, on transport, online or withdraw from ATMs.

It also allows payment through near-field communication off a mobile phone and the capacity to withdraw fiat cash from ATMs with a virtual e-card on a mobile, even for customers that haven't paid the delivery fee for a very traditional-looking plastic Wirex card.
The company launched the world's first Visa card that enables users to convert and spend cryptocurrencies wherever Visa is accepted and now processes digital transactions for more than 2 million users in 130 countries - processing over $2bn of transactions to date.
If you choose to order your Visa via a web browser, you will need to go to the Wirex dashboard and click on the "Order cards." This step is followed by the selection of the preferred base currency card after which you can click on Get the card.” Double check all the personal details and click on the Place order” button to submit your application.

The partnership follows hot on the heels of the launch of Contis' Buffer Account, and further demonstrates the business' power to drive structural change within the payments ecosystem through the innovative use of its legacy-free banking and payments platform and its ability to process real-time transactions on both UK and SEPA payment ‘rails'.
There are no any exchange rates, but one thing that can impact the price is the bitcoin network fee, which is an indirect payment to bitcoin miners for their work. Banking with Wirex has the capability of opening up Bitcoin to the general population with its ease of use and simplicity.

Here is a short table summarising all the fees that are applied to the Wirex crypto debit card. If cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin are ever going to become ingrained in the mainstream for consumer purchases, platforms such as Wirex need to be celebrated and adopted.
Wirex is an FCA regulated company (and a Money Service Business registered with FINTRAC in Canada), with over 2 million clients in 130 countries, processing over $2 billion in transactions every year. Contactless bitcoin payments, contactless cards, additional currencies and new bitcoin-based financial products are also planned to be launched soon.

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