Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Since JetSmarter's launch in 2013, the company has focused on making the booking process as easy as possible — JetSmarter is often compared with Uber for how easy it is to book — and democratizing private aviation by making it more affordable and accessible.
While that in itself would allow more people to experience flying in a private jet, Petrossov wants to further encourage the concept of jet-sharing, which, much like ridesharing, would further allow friends (or even strangers, for that matter) to band together, split the cost of the flight, and then fly in style to the destination of their choice.

My background is in tech start-ups, and in 2009 I began flying private after selling my first IT Company and quickly came to realize that the private jet industry was very archaic; its brick and mortar process of picking up the phone, waiting hours and speaking to numerous different people in order to charter a jet was outdated and inconvenient - I figured there had to be an easier way, which is what first sparked my interest in starting a company like JetSmarter.
JetSmarter declined to comment on CNBC's inquiries, but said in a statement that "changes to our member services and benefits were within the rights of our membership agreement." For the record, JetSmarter's membership agreement states that the company can "change, suspend, or terminate" services or benefits at any time.

JetSmarter aggregates prices and availability from hundreds of aviation companies and sells flights in three ways: as a regular charter service, which lets passengers customize their trip based on destination and aircraft, a deals option in which one-way flights are free for members (who pay $9,000 a year) and at highly discounted rates for all app users, and the JetShuttle service which allows travelers to book a single seat on already scheduled flights.
Marketing has long been atop the list of priorities for successful companies, and that's even truer now given the digital landscape JetSmarter exists in, which is full of advertising channels and opportunities to connect directly with the consumer base.
Prior to the creation of JetSmarter, he focused on two applications that drastically improved the performance of the public - one was a chat service providing assistance to Russian-speaking institutions, and another one was a private jet operator that is based in Southern Florida.

His business model includes unique benefits for members who pay the annual membership fee, including helicopter services and free one-way flights Sergey Petrossov Miami, Florida. and shuttles between popular destinations. Ultimately, JetSmarter allows those with a lower net worth the ability to book private flights.
Before starting up his two businesses, Sergey completed a degree in finance at the University of Florida. His ultimate goal is to create a lifestyle brand where members can book all types of travel through JetSmarter and gain access to special experiences that the company can curate.

That was my first experience working with engineers and I learned with technology how much value you can bring in a short amount of time. If you are a busy professional that travels a lot for work, you just may need to ditch your commercial flights and book a private jet.
He also took a survey of people who fly on private jets on a regular basis. JetSmarter had been chipping away at its benefits to members over the year. In 2016, JetSmarter announced that it had raised $105 million from new and existing investors. When Petrossov flew private for the first time he immediately identified challenges with the antiquated, brick-and-mortar approach to booking charter flights.

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